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6 Helpful Tips for Beginner Cooks

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Cooking is one of the most exciting activities, particular to those who know how to cook well. When I hear someone say “I wish I could cook”, I just respond “anyone can cook”. But why do I say that? Unlike singing or basketball where natural features such as height matter, cooking is all about learning a new skill and honing those skills to become a great cook. Remember, good cooking is the backbone of healthy eating habits. For beginners, our team have a few tips that can help you to become a better cook.

Helpful Tips for Newbie Cooks

  1. Trust Your Instincts

    Newbie CookListening to your inner self while preparing a dish is one of the best skills. If something does not sound right, do not insist on proceeding with it. If you have an idea of what might taste good, trust your instincts. Even if you are using a recipe, make sure you begin by trusting yourself for perfect results.

  2. Double Check All the Ingredients

    This is another crucial tip to consider for a successful cooking. A meal will only be complete if you have all ingredients and use them properly. Always make sure you have all that’s needed to prepare your planned dish. If you are using a recipe, go through it all over again to avoid mistakes. Place the entire ingredients in a table and once it’s used, put it away.

  3. Beware Of Overcooking

    This is yet another great tip to avoid messing up the dish. An overcooked dish a common mistake with beginners and is fairly frustrating, especially after all the effort that has been made. To avoid this, here is an example of what to do. You are baking cake that is supposed to take 45 minutes, so set the timer for 40 minutes. Inspect the cake when the timer goes off and keep a close watch over to make sure it doesn’t get too dark over the next 5 minutes. Always avoid being distracted and concentrate on the matter at hand. Check food often to avoid overcooking.

  4. Make Notes

    Cooking IngredientsThis is another important tip that beginners should take in. It’s obvious that every time you make a new dish, and the outcome is great, you’ll have something to say about it. If you plan to make the dish next time, it would be a good idea to record your thoughts or suggestions for next time. Put down the correct measurements and also which ingredients might need to be doubled next time to make it even better. This will continually improve your cooking.

  5. Don’t Experiment With A New Recipe When You Have Dinner Guests

    If you are hosting guests, don’t experiment with a new recipe for their meal. It’s highly recommended you prepare something you have confidence in.  Preparing what you cook well results in a smooth, easy meal and the results are always great.

  6. Find recipes that include ingredients you like

    Start with a recipe that you like, but don’t be afraid to try new things. Research recipes and meal plans that include ingredients you enjoy eating. This will help to build confidence before you go out trying new, more complicated recipes.


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