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What’s Brisbane’s Top Iconic Dishes? This List Will Surprise You

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

For foodies like me, we know Brissy catering industry for different reasons. The vast variety of dishes is one thing that defines this industry. It’s always difficult to list down Brisbane top iconic foods with such a wide range available. While defining iconic food, we just sample some of the foods that you cannot miss in any of Brisbane’s restaurants.

Popular Foods in Brisbane

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the iconic foods in Brisbane:

Kentucky Fried DuckKentucky Fried Duck

Also referred to as KFD, this has been on the menu for years and we look forward to enjoying it for more years to come. A while back, restaurants felt that the dish has done its time and took it off the menu, but the public demand forced them to put it back. In this dish, the deep-fried duck nuggets are served in a paper bag, and you can easily have it as a takeaway. It’s cheap, and thus the majority of Brissy dwellers and visitors can afford it.

Campari Sherbet, Curds, Orange Sorbet and Whey Ice-Cream

The combination is a popular dish with kid’s and has been with us for some time now. If you want to gift your kids during a tour in the city, make sure that you try this dish. Well, it’s kind of bitter, but it’s a joyful dish and kids definitely like it. For us, this is the kind of dish that we grew up with and having it gives us fantastic childhood nostalgia. It’s cheap, and anyone can definitely afford it.

Sand Crab Lasagne

When it debuted in 1989, this dish was quickly picked by many in Brisbane as a favourite. The dish was invented by Chef Gillian Hirst, and it has never been off the menu of almost all the restaurants in Brisbane and South-East Queensland as a whole. According to a recent study, the popularity of this meal does not show any sign of waning. It’s also cheap and thus easily affordable to most of the Brissy dwellers.

Papardelle with Goat Ragu

Scotch EggThe dish is best known for its simplicity and quality ingredients. Although the dish was popular with Italian restaurants, it has become an iconic Brisbane dishe. One thing that has made it popular is the ease of preparation. The recipe is simple, and ingredients are locally available at an affordable cost. It’s also good for any season, and is available all year.

Scotch Egg

British food and Australian food hasn’t been the most popular in years past, but Scotch eggs have remained adamantly popular on the market. It could be due to its pricing and its ease of preparation, but locals and visitors alike love this dish. It’s a good take away meal, and the quality of the ingredients is great. The dish is served with a curry mayo making it simple and lovely to eat. Just place an order, and it will take only a few minutes to have it served.

Potato Gnocchi, black truffle tapenade, Pork and Fennel Sausage

Dieticians may reel at this one, but Brisbane is fond of this combination. In fact, some restaurants such as Enoteca have made it their signature dish. It’s a very sweet dish, and although health experts may refer to it as junk, it’s a very popular with locals and tourists as well.

Soufflé Aux Crabe Et Gruyere

Last but not least is Souffle Aux Crabe Et Gruyere. The dish’s popularity has grown over the years and is at the top of the list for most people in Brisbane city and SEQ as a whole. Anyway, who wouldn’t salivate for a pillowy twice-cooked crab soufflé served with a light cream sauce? The dish has pretty much become synonymous with eateries such as Montrachet.

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