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Genius Tips On How To Hire A Professional Caterer For Your Event

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Planning for an event such as a wedding or corporate event can be exciting, but when you get into the nitty-gritty, it becomes a little bit challenging. One crucial thing that any event organiser has to deal with is the food department. While some event venues in Brisbane have their chefs and bouquet department, most of them do offer catering services. This provides you with an opportunity to select the best catering service provider there is in Brissy.

Hiring a Professional Catering Service

With numerous catering companies, it can be tricky to choose the right one. But how do you pick a perfect private caterer for your event?  Well, we‘re providing you with tips on how to hire a professional caterer for your event:

Menu Planning

Menu PlanningMenu planning is the most crucial segment when it comes to the catering department. What food the caterer specialises in is a critical factor to consider before hiring. If you’re feeding a diverse group of people, then you need a service provider who has experience in handling such events. For instance, if you have guests from different parts of the world, then you need to incorporate cuisine that will accommodate them. You also need a caterer who can change with the seasons since what’s good for winter may not be good for the summer.

Sample the caterer’s food

Don’t assume that the service provider is as good as they say, but sample their food to confirm it. The worst mistake that most people (who have been disappointed by the catering services) make is to trust hearsay. You need to see it done practically. Make a point of meeting with chefs and see how flexible and skilled they are. You also need to taste the kind of food that they make to ensure that the flavour is on point. Find out if they can adjust things to meet your expectations. This way, you can avoid the embarrassment that some event organisers find themselves in when horrible food is served.

The other thing that you need to note under this tip is whether catering, especially corporate catering, is finished on site or the cooking is done ahead of time and left in the hot box to stay warm. These two will have a great impact on the quality of the food served, and thus it’s crucial to consider which one works best for you.

Check Reference

Online ReferenceWith so many services in “Bris Vegas,” as some would call it, references can help you eliminate most of the less reliable companies. We are in the digital era, and so, I doubt if any serious catering services would be operating without a digital platform. Most of them are on social media, or have a website. This is the right platform where you can read comments from their previous clients. If the majority of the comments are positive, then they are good. If it’s vice versa, avoid such companies—you may be the next in line complaining.

Request Past Event Photos

The importance of past event photos is to provide you with an idea of the kind of events the caterer has handled before or can handle. If the event in the picture is nowhere close to what you are planning, avoid them since they might fail to deliver.  Photos will also give you a good sense of the caterer’s aesthetics. From the setup of their kitchenware, service ware, use of space, and general presentation, you will see if they add any value to your event or not.

Special Requirements

A professional caterer should be able to respond to special requirements promptly. That’s why you need to ask whether they can handle special needs such as on site changes, late additions, and dietary restrictions. These are some of the surprises that even the best planners cannot avoid. Make sure that the service provider will be ready for such eventualities before hiring them.

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