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What Makes Up A Good Caterer?

Monday, November 13th, 2017

When you mention catering, the first thing that comes to our minds is food. Being a caterer is one of the most lucrative businesses in Brisbane. But being a renowned professional caterer is not easy and few reach that level. But what makes a good caterer? Well like any other career, a lot of hard work, honing skills, determination, honesty, discipline and proper training are some of the features that make a caterer. Apart from that, what other traits makes a good caterer from the clients’ point of view? 

What Makes Good Catering Good?

Below are some helpful tips that make a good caterer.


Catering FoodsFirst, catering is all about providing food. Regardless of having a beautiful and well-decorated venue, this won’t give you repeated business if the food is not well prepared.  A good caterer should have enough food prepping experience. You don’t want to make food that the guests will not like. Apart from making good tasting food, ensure that the food is safe. You should also be able to craft recipes and menus.

Customer Care

Having excellent customer care can garner loyalty from clients. The caterer should be polite, diplomatic and thoughtful while dealing with clientele. The language and how you handle the client is crucial to keeping the client comfortable and coming back again and recommending you. Outline your menu clear to the customer so that they can understand you better. If there will be any changes in the process, it’s important to let the client know promptly. Good communication is the key to a successful business.


Being a good caterer means having essential abilities and skills. A caterer should be able to supervise cooks, cleaners, servers, and dishwashers in the right manner. That’s why leadership is very important to keep the business running. This doesn’t mean ordering the staff around, but rather leading by example. You should have the knowledge of how to manage everyone around you including the clients. A good caterer should also be able to address a concerning matter and take quick actions where required.

Good drinks

Catering Drinks and BeveragesIn catering services, drinks are just as important as food. The meal becomes greater if accompanied with the right beverages. A good caterer should not only serve the client with drinks but provide high-quality beverages. Safety for the guests is paramount!


Flexibility is an important trait that a successful caterer should have. You should be able to change with the needs of the client. Every client is unique, and no event will be like the other. That’s why you need to be as flexible as possible to help. There might be a change of the menu due to particular dietary requirements of the client, and you should attend to such requirements at any given time without any hesitation.

Attention to Detail

A good professional caterer in Brisbane should always make sure there is no room for errors. Offering catering services mean that you’re helping a client create a good memory. This might be a wedding ceremony, company ceremony, birthday party and much more. You can’t mess up such events no matter what. The caterer should always provide the client with what he/she asked for without any excuse.


Creativity is key in this business. A good caterer should not only make good food and drinks but also come up with recipes that make you unique. He/she should be ready to try wild ideas in their cooking. This should also include entertainments, decorations and other small touches which might make the event great.

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