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Joints To Eat The Freshest Seafood In Brisbane

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Now that your stomach is grumbling and you feel like grabbing something delicious and healthy, I would recommend that you try seafood. You’ll be impressed by the number of seafood choices that you’ll find in Brisbane. For your information, Brisbane City is home to some of the most fantastic seafood joints in Australia. The cities proximity to seafood sources such as the Brisbane River can be cited as a major reason for such a vibrant industry throughout the year. 

Where to Eat Fresh Seafood in Brisbane

Which are some of the best joints to eat the freshest seafood in Brissy? Here are some of the reputable locales where you can get value for every dollar spent.

Fresh Sushi Co

Fresh Sushi CoYou’ll be impressed by the seafood choices offered at this restaurant. Fresh Sushi boasts experienced chefs who have immense experience in preparing some of the most delicious seafood recipes in the city. Locate in Fortitude Valley; the restaurant will serve some of the best prawn tempura and wagyu beef. The flavour is just right the way you would wish for a seafood dish to be. Just order your favourite choice and sit still as the chefs do what they do best.

Clayfield Season Market

If it’s your first time to this place, you will be wowed by the seafood’s flavour at Clayfield Seafood Market. The classic Brissy seafood spot is so pretty that a majority of the locals and visitors flock in to get a taste of their sumptuous dishes. Just check their menu, and you will be impressed by the vast variety that they are offering. Expect nothing but the freshest seafood from this joint.  In addition to seafood, the restaurant also offers other foods such as the scrumptious burgers if some of your friends aren’t fans of seafood. It’s located in Clayfield, and they are extremely affordable.


Jellyfish Resto in BrisbaneAs the name suggests, this is another place where you can get nothing but fresh seafood. The restaurant boasts 8 to 14 types of fish each day. This simply means that customers have a broad choice to choose from. They also offer an array of exotic fish species such as black king fish and Mooloolaba. This is definitely a place that you will get value for every dollar spent. The restaurant is located at Eagle Street Pier.

Gambaro Seafood Restaurant

This is not only a popular seafood restaurant but also an icon of Caxton Street. Since its opening in 1953, Gambaro Seafood Restaurant has been providing the market with the freshest seafood over the years- so don’t ask how it survived all these decades. The quality and variety of seafood is amazing. One thing that you will love about this joint is their menu. The menu has almost every type of seafood that you can find in Brisbane. Their recipes are unrivalled by most of the competing restaurants in the city.


Thyme2 Restaurant in BrisbaneJust go through their menu, and you will be wowed by the variety offered. Thyme2 has been in the industry sometime now, and they have managed to secure a constant supply of fresh fish from the market. They also boast of a vast variety of fish species, and thus you can get your favourite dish. In fact, a majority of people who have sampled their food refer to it as a seafood paradise. Just go through their menu, and the selection will impress.

Reef Seafood And Sushi

If you just want a place that serves the most delicious seafood, Reef Seafood and Sushi is the ideal choice. The restaurants boast of serving not only fresh fish but also a wide fish species compared to most of the seafood joints. You will be impressed by the creativity in their recipes which have been developed by highly experienced chefs.

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