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Why Eat Street Markets Is An Experience Foodies Shouldn’t Miss

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

For foodies like me, there are numerous reasons why Brisbane is the best place to be. You don’t struggle to find a place to fill your stomach if it’s grumbling. What’s even more interesting is how cheap food can be in this city. Have you ever been to Eat Street Markets in Brisbane? Well, if not then you have been missing a lot. Over the years, Eat Street Markets have become an icon in this city particularly due to the availability of cheap quality food. As a matter of fact, the market was relocated to a larger area near the Brisbane River so as to accommodate the huge number of people coming to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Why You Should Try Eat Street Markets

Eat Street MarketsHave you ever dined in a shipping container? Sipped your favourite whisky under the Barbie-head chandelier at lychee lounge? Dined while sitting across-legged on a rug at Garuva? Well, if not, that’s what you are missing. It’s an exceptional place that will draw you away from the hustle and bustle if the city and just cool down as you eat and drink at an extremely friendly price. The experience is real, and you will love every minute at this place. In fact, most of the people who have visited Eat Street Markets refer to it as Brisbane’s Disneyland. What I can guarantee you is you’ll definitely come back not once or twice but numerous time.

Vast Range of Cuisines

One thing that makes the Eat Street Markets popular with foodies is the vast range of cuisines available. The market mostly boasts a vast range of Asian cuisines. There is an array of Asian vendors serving some of the popular exotic dishes which have been added with a twist for uniqueness. You will get to enjoy fantastic cuisines from different countries in Asia such as the best of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Singapore and Japanese amongst other dishes. In fact, you will hear some people referring to this market as the little Asia due to the abundance of food from every corner of Asia. You just go around the market and get to enjoy what different places are offering.

Seafood Dishes

For the lovers of seafood, Eat Street Markets is the place to be. You will be wowed by the number of vendors selling incredible seafood dishes and their menus speak for themselves. You just need to visit the Seafood Deck and sample the numerous number of seafood dishes that the vendors are providing. In fact, this is one of the few places where you can get the freshest seafood in Brisbane. With the most of these recipes coming from the South-East Asia countries, you can only imagine the quality and the taste of the food.

Bar Joints

Eat Street Markets Bar

More to that, there are numerous bar joints in Eat Street Markets where you can enjoy sipping your favourite beer, wines or whisky for cheap. With the influx of imports, you have a rare opportunity to enjoy some of the best exotic brands at a very low price compared to the uptown hotels and restaurants. You’ll also enjoy some of the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted before. There are also plenty of drink vendors selling beverages such as fresh juice, ice tea, coffee and fresh coconut amongst others.

Night Life and Entertainment

Then you can wind up your evening with all sorts of entertainment. There are two entertainment stages where both local and international artists entertain revellers. There’s also outdoor cinema where you can have fun with family.

This is the ideal place in Brisbane to enjoy some of the best cuisine from all over the world for cheap. Friday and Saturday Night (4 pm to 10 pm) and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm are the best times to be in Eat Street Markets. This is the time when the market is at full capacity. For foodies, let us meet there this weekend.

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