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8 Ideas For Your Next Corporate Lunch

Monday, March 25th, 2019

corporate lunch on ceramic platesIf there’s one thing in this world that people have a tendency to remember, it’s food! Whether we’re discussing a holiday, a big meal out, and yes, even our corporate catering, it’s something that always seems to come up in conversation.

So if you’re hosting a conference, welcoming clients for lunch or thanking your team for a job well done, you know already that the quality of the catering will make a big difference to the impression you make. You don’t just want it to be okay; you want the best gourmet catering Brisbane has. If you’re stuck for ideas, below you’ll find 8 great ideas for your corporate lunch.

Corporate Lunch Catering

The nature of your event will probably define most what kind of menu you go for. You know you’re looking for the best party and corporate catering Brisbane has to offer, but you might be confused as to exactly what style of serving you should opt for.

More formal events, where you want to really impress clients, or just make it 100% clear how much you appreciate your team’s great work, might suit a plated menu. A grazing menu is ideal for more ‘social’ dos. However, definitely don’t forget the ‘humble’ buffet, a great option which not only provides your guests with a choice of great food but provides a chance to mingle and socialise.

You might be worried that you won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. Luckily, for mobile catering, Brisbane has a company that providing top quality, delicious food for all requirements. That’s us, by the way. Below we’ve included vegetarian and gluten-free options to help.

Asian Cuisine

asian food for catering corporate lunchAsian food has gained worldwide popularity due to its complex, exotic flavours, textures, and the dizzying variety of different dishes and treats available. Nearly everyone has their favourite Asian cuisine, and Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants have become commonplace throughout the western world.

To add a slightly more exotic twist to your corporate lunch, our Asian Selection Grazing Station is a delicious platter inspired by a wide range of Asian cuisines. It features Vietnamese rice paper rolls with a variety of different fillings, or from Japan, petit tuna sashimi & tofu poke bowls, sushi and nigiri. Also you will love our tamarind duck and Thai basil wonton cups, ‘bahn mi’ mini crostini, and incredible betel leaf with popcorn prawn dishes. Vegan and gluten-free versions are also available.

Mediterranean Feast

Mediterranean food is world-renowned and for good reason. Not only is it delicious, full of flavour and comes in endless varieties, but it is also linked to a whole range of health benefits. In the Mediterranean, any chef knows that only the best and freshest ingredients will do, and we take exactly the same approach to our catering.

Our Mediterranean Grazing Selection is full of delicious options like fresh bruschetta, a selection of cured & roast meats typical of the region, and marinated Mediterranean vegetable skewers. Also served with dried & fresh fruits, a dips suite, vegetable crudites, olives, and a cracker & crostini selection, this is not only a snacker’s dream but a healthy and low-fat option.

Cheese Tower

Cheese is the king of dairy, and a must have at any corporate event, or any dinner party worth its salt for that matter! No event feels quite complete without it. Brie, Camembert, Manchego, Comte, or Gouda … there’s no way you could settle on just one cheese, but you can be sure no one is ever disappointed with our cheese tower. Or for something a little easier to handle, our easy-serve sliced cheese platter should simplify matters.

Pasta and Rice Dishes

pasta and rice meal for corporate lunchNo menu is complete without pasta and rice, and so, of course, our menus have ample space for these staples. There’s no dish more Italian than the classic beef lasagne, and for vegetarians, we provide an equally delicious pumpkin and ricotta alternative, so no one misses out. Both vegetarians and meat eaters alike will be tempted by our decadent Mac & Cheese, made with truffle oil, mushrooms and tarragon to give it our own unique twist.

Our Persian rice served with roasted seasonal vegetables is not only a delicious and fragrant choice, but also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, so there’s no shortage of options for those with specific dietary requirements.

Main Courses

If you’re going to be serving main courses, of course, it’s important that you make sure everyone has at least one delicious option to choose from when deciding. Below we’ve selected a few of our favourites which gives you an example of the variety of dishes and food needs you can cover.

Our slow-cooked lamb shoulder with spiced red lentils is a tender and delicious and should satisfy even the most carnivorous guest! As should our fantastic 12-hour Beef Brisket, or equally, the classic French Beef Bourguignon, stewed until melt in your mouth soft, with mushrooms in red wine. For poultry, we recommend Coq au Vin or our Chicken Saltimbocca – which also can be made with eggplant and mozzarella as a great alternative for vegetarians (vegan options are also available).

Vegetarians could also choose our ricotta and semi-dried tomato roasted field mushrooms or our traditional ratatouille, also gluten free and vegan-friendly.

Live Carving

For those of us that love meat, there is undoubtedly something uniquely tempting about seeing a freshly roasted joint. There is nothing quite like freshly roasted beef or lamb, and the surest sign of how freshly your meat has been prepared is to see it steaming as it is carved right in front of you. That’s why we recommend live carving for your corporate event, which is not only mouthwatering to see and delicious to eat but adds an element of spectacle which is certain to impress.


chocolate and hazelnut dessertsYou should definitely consider including a dessert. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you why! Our hazelnut and chocolate mousse tart, served with double cream, is a perfect and decadent end to a great lunch! A slightly lighter (and also available Gluten free) option is the strawberry & white chocolate cheesecake, served with a fresh strawberry coulis as a fruity accompaniment. Talking of which, our seasonal fruit compote, served with coconut yoghurt and a gingernut & walnut crumb is also fruity and light and is suitable for vegans too.

Planning a corporate lunch and you need a lunch that’s sure to make a great impression? Why not give us a call to see if we can help. With a wide range of delicious dishes and dining options available and the best buffet catering Brisbane offers, we’re sure we’ll have just the right thing to make your event a day to be remembered. Enjoyed this post? See our article on What Makes A Good Caterer.

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