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Tips On Catering For Small Groups

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

tips on catering for small groupsCatering companies in Brisbane specialise in providing excellent food experiences for events and corporate catering. If you are looking to create your own professional catered event, this article covers some major tips on catering for small groups. Brisbane catering platters usually include a variety of food choices catered to the preferences of the group. Considering key factors like group preferences, event size, and group size will help you to create an excellent catered event for a small group. Read more for detailed tips on catering to small groups.


What Event Are You Catering For?

The first thing to do when catering events in Brisbane is to ask yourself what event you are catering for. There are many different types of events to consider. You may be looking for simple requests such as cheese platter catering in Brisbane or an event that requires more advanced catering. If you are looking for catering for corporate events in Brisbane, you may want to think about what type of corporate environment you are entering, is it a team luncheon, or a client dinner? If you are considering small party catering in Brisbane, you may want to ask yourself if it is a celebration, a religious observance or a birthday party? Other events that commonly call for Brisbane catering are funerals and wakes, small group meetings, or special community events.

Understanding what event you are catering for is important when preparing your food. Food presentation is just as important as the taste and freshness of the food. Be sure to match your food presentation with the type of event you are catering for. A leisurely group lunch may need a different presentation style than a corporate catering group brunch. Be sure to create stations for each food selection. Include a beverage station and a separate section for small bites and snacks. Think outside of the box when creating your stations and remember that a neat and appetizing presentation is key to a well catered small event. Catering for events can be challenging, but with a great presentation, you can’t go wrong.


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

breakfast catering brisbaneWhat meal will you be serving? The meal and time of day can change the presentation style and the food choices at your event. If you are looking for places to order food for catering in North Brisbane, you may want to consider Art of Catering, they offer delicious options for each meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, finding quality catering services can be difficult, but Art of Catering offers great options and excellent service. You can use the Art of Catering menu as inspiration. Here are a few delicious items to consider for each meal.

Breakfast: Breakfast catering in Brisbane requires hosts to consider both hot and cold buffets for breakfast. Include options like fresh fruit and hot grilled waffles. Creating buffets are great for office events or larger groups.

Lunch: For lunch, be sure to consider dietary preferences. Your lunch menu should include a selection of vegetables as well as meat options. Sandwich catering in Brisbane is very common for lunch events. Services like Art of Catering offer canape catering in Brisbane for both casual and premium events.

Dinner: Consider creative options like BBQ menus and exotic cuisines. Dinner is the perfect time to use various stations such as live carving stations and think outside of the box to impress your guests.


High Tea

finger food catering brisbaneHigh tea is a special and elegant addition to food catering in Brisbane. High tea catering brings a delightful treat to guests. Art of Catering includes delicious options like ribbon sandwiches and sweets, like cupcakes and macaroons. All of the high tea options should be highlighted with tea, coffee, or even champagne. High tea is especially recommended if you are brunch or lunch catering in Brisbane. We suggest that you get creative with your high tea selection.


Grazing Tables

Most catering companies include a stylish grazing table to present small plates and light dishes. Get creative with your grazing table. Consider including a mandala-style approach, or keep it modern and clean, the point is to create a feeling of luxury and functionality with your grazing table.

Finger food catering in Brisbane includes grazing tables with delicious cured meats and fresh artisan bread. If you are looking for catering services, order your platters from Art of Catering and you will experience meats, bread, delicious fruits, a vast selection of dessert treats, and a number of healthy options.


Guests’ Preferences

Guest preferences are very important, especially when selecting catering for your entire office. Offices include staff and event guests with a variety of dietary preferences. See our post on Catering For Special Dietary Needs. One in five Australians suffers from either food intolerance or food allergy. Vegans, nut allergies, religious diets, gluten-free, and lactose intolerance are just a few of the diet restrictions that may be present in a group. Vegan catering is completely different from a meat friendly event. Many Brisbane catering companies, like Art of Catering, offer specialised menus catering to a variety of dietary preferences.

When considering the guest’s preferences, consider the style and the demographics of the group. Some groups may be more open to trying new and exotic menu options, while others may be looking to keep it basic. Consider the budget for the event as well. Budget catering for Brisbane events can be tricky when catering to dietary preferences, but with choices like wraps and mini quiches available at Art of Catering, it’s easy for hosts to save money while keeping their guests in mind.


How Much Food To Order?

brisbane catering plattersKnowing how much food to order is very important, especially when buffet catering Brisbane events. Art of Catering is a catering company in Brisbane that offers quotes and budgeting coaches to help you figure out the perfect amount of food to order for your event. When figuring out how much food to order for your event consider points like the time of the meal and the budget. Also, consider the number of people expected at the meal.

Understanding the right amount of food to order is very important, especially if you are looking for cheap catering in Brisbane. We suggest using small plates or napkins to eat from if you are looking to save money on your event. Offering a large variety of foods and a smaller quantity is also a great way to save on catering for small groups.

Also, consider the size of the space and the facilities available in the space. Check the space for a fridge or a place to store food, a stove or heating device, and set-up space for the actual event.


Office Catering in Brisbane CBD

When preparing for your catering event, no matter the size, you want to ensure that your guests will have delicious food, a great presentation, and reliable service. Art of Catering has all of these things, offering the best catering in Brisbane. Make your catering experience easier by following the tips provided above and contacting Art of Catering for a quote today!

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