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What’s New In the Brisbane Dining Scene?

Monday, November 20th, 2017

You may be wondering what is cooking in Brisbane’s dining arena and as always, the industry is never short of surprises. One thing that has been consistent is the expansion of the industry. If you can compare the number of businesses leaving the scene and the new entrants, then you will realise how vibrant the industry is.

Popular New Restaurants in Brisbane

This year has seen newcomers upsetting the status quo and taking the industry by storm. Their uniqueness, versatility, and ability to try a wild idea have made most of the pop ups rise to the top of the industry. But who’s making it big in the industry? Here are some of the new comers in dining arena to look out for:

4Finger Crispy Chicken

4Finger Crispy ChickenApart from being a newcomer, 4Finger Crispy Chicken has shown the vigour and zeal that’s needed to survive in the Brisbane food scene. The Singapore rooted company is already doing very well in Brisbane with their chicken. The eatery is best known for its fried bites, and it has taken the market by storm since its introduction. After opening their first outlet in Chermside, the company went open a new location in the CBD. With a love that Brisbane dwellers have for the chicken, this is definitely a line of eateries to watch.

Camp, Albion

Well, Northerners have every reason to smile this year. There have been serious investments in the region that have expanded the food industry in a great way. Among the newcomers that have stamped authority in this industry is the Camp in Albion. It’s more than just a coffee shop in the region; it’s a shop that’s trying wild ideas to make it in the market. Just check in the venue, and you will definitely like the quality of the coffee coupled with some interesting twists on the classic menu.

Chu The Phat

For the South Brisbane dwellers, Chu The Phat has brought in a new sense of life on their dining arena. Popping up in Fish Lane, this is a classic eatery offering classic Asian cuisine, and you’ll definitely love the creativity in their menu. What has made this new entrant popular is the ability to create incredible recipes to make their delicacies stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for traditional delicacies such as pork, duck buns, mushroom dumpling and chicken, then try the Chu The Phat recipes that have been added with a twist.

Dovetails Restaurant

Dovetails RestaurantSitting pretty in the historic region of Ipswich is the Dovetails Restaurant. Since its inception, this Brisbrane restaurant has quickly attracted revellers due to its fantastic environment, recipes, and cuisines. Whatever meals that you need, you have this place as the best option. You pass the venue in the morning for breakfast, and you’ll be served with a great cup of coffee. Their dinner recipes have been added with French and Australian fusion flare to create a magical menu that will make you come back. Just check in, and you will love what they are offering.

Hunter & Scout

Located in Graceville, the new spot is quickly gaining popularity in this precinct of Brisbane.  In fact, Hunter & Scout has changed this region into a new hub for coffee in Brisbane. Every morning, you’ll find coffee addicts enjoying a cup of this power drink at the place. I think their barista has a unique way of making coffee. If your stomach is grumbling, you will definitely love the vast selection on their menu.

Lucy Egg

After a long time, West Enders have no reason to travel far to get their Lucky Egg Fix. The company opened a new location in Good Time Bar on Boundary St to extend its services near them. The new eatery will not only provide the customers with their crunchy chicken but also other classic delicacies such as burgers, mozzarella sticks, and fries.

There are just a few of the new entrants in the food industry, but there are numerous of them. Just keep checking us out as we round up more newcomers that are stirring the food scene.

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