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Boost Your Health by Incorporating more Raw into you Diet

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

a delicious berry smoothieThere is no denying that adding natural foods to your diet is an excellent way to boost your immune system and overall health. This means eating more vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and sprouts. Natural foods help detoxify, cleanse and heal the body. What’s more, they are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and beneficial enzymes. Raw foods are especially beneficial for people who consume lots of dairy, sugar, meat, and processed foods or drink a lot of alcohol. Whether you simply want to experience the benefits of adding raw foods to your diet or are on a quest to become a full on vegan, here are some tips we, the team at Art of Catering recommend starting out. Remember eating healthier is ia gradual process, if you slowly start to incorporate more and more raw into your diet you are more likely to maintain you healthy new lifestyle as opposed to if you try and make the switch all at once.

Start your Day with a Smoothie

Instead of having cereal or toast for breakfast, start your day with a boost of vitamin rich smoothie juice. Smoothies are a great way to get an antioxidant boost first thing in the morning, and keep you feeling fresh and energised all morning. Simply blend up some of your favourite fruits with some ice or water for a quick, easy and most importantly – healthy breakfast. Once your body has adjusted to consuming fruits for breakfast every day, start incorporating more and more vegetables into the mix to make your morning smoothie even healthier. You can also add seeds, grains and other herbs if you like.

Spinach and kale smoothies may sound strange to you now, but once you start drinking smoothies regularly, you’ll never turn back!

Carry a Piece of Fruit for a Quick Snack

Carrying fruit is a practical way to keep you from eating junk food and processed snacks. If your body craves sugar and that urge sets in when you are not prepared, you are likely to cave in and eat junk food. Fruits are naturally high in sugar can give you a health energy boost. Next time you go out, throw in a few bananas or apples in your bag and tuck in when you are feeling peckish. Not only will they help keep your hunger pangs at bay, but they’ll also make you feel good about your new, healthier snack choices.

Add Raw Condiments to your Food

It is common for people to have salt and pepper with their food, but what about having something more nutritious as a topping on your next meal? Sauces and condiments from the grocery stores are processed and often contain preservatives, additives and GMOs that are not good for your health. Fresh sauces and condiments not only taste better but are also great for you. Try blending up some basil with some hemp seed oil to make a nourishing pesto, or mixing up some diced tomatoes, onions and eschallots to make a delicious fresh salsa?

Try Raw Desserts

If you really just can’t go without your sugar fix, try some healthier raw desserts. Raw vegan cheesecakes and fresh berry star bars are just a few examples of the many delicious raw dessert options. This may seem like a strange concept for many of you but trust us, raw desserts can be just as delicious as cooked ones! You won’t miss a thing. On the contrary, you can satisfy your urges with healthier, nutrient dense foods.

a selection of fresh produce to eat Prepare a Power Salad

Adding salads to your diet is one of the easiest ways to increase your raw food intake. Contrary to popular belief, salads do not have to be boring – be creative and make them interesting! Tomatoes, broccoli, seeds, nuts, onions, lettuce, avocado; you name it! Throw it all in and dig in. You’ll feel great after eating a fresh and delicious salad and your body will beg you for more.

Simply Add more Raw to your Existing Diet

Just because you’re eating more fruits and vegetables, doesn’t mean you have to eat less of everything else. Most raw foods are low in calories so adding in an extra piece of fruit or sticks of carrot or celery won’t impact your health in a negative way. Adding in nutrient dense raw foods does not restrict what you eat. As an added benefit, over time your body will crave less junk and more fresh produce instead.

We all know that eating fresh foods is healthier. Howver it is important to strike a balance between raw natural foods and cooked foods. As such, we recommend switching to an increase in natural raw foods slowly as opposed to making an overnight switch. This will help you maintain the new habit and make it part of you new, healthier lifestyle.

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