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Tips On Catering For Small Groups

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
tips on catering for small groups

Catering companies in Brisbane specialise in providing excellent food experiences for events and corporate catering. If you are looking to create your own professional catered event, this article covers some major tips on catering for small groups. Brisbane catering platters usually include a variety of food choices catered to the preferences of the group. Considering key factors like group preferences, event size, and group size will help you to create an excellent catered event for a small group. Read more for detailed tips on catering to small groups.   What Event Are You Catering For? The first thing to do when catering events in Brisbane is to ask yourself what event you are catering for. […]


5 Food Festivals in June and July 2019

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Queensland has so much to offer when it comes to good food. With an astounding variety of produce grown, seafood caught, meat seasoned and served in Queensland, you can bet that you can mark your calendar this June and July with amazing food and wine festivals.  And when it comes to wine, the soil and environment conditions are so unique that the belt of vineyards throughout the Sunshine Coast produces amazingly complex wine enough to win over the hearts of the toughest critics. Here’s a list of some amazing food festivals in Brisbane that you can check out.   Gold Coast Food And Wine Festival When: 30 May- June 2, 2019 Where: Gold Coast, Queensland […]


Queensland: 7 Food Festivals in May 2019

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

If you’re a fan of food festivals, or just a foodie with some spare time on your hands, you are spoilt for choice right across Queensland in the month of May. Queensland is fast becoming Australia‘s premier food state. We’ve selected 7 of the best food festivals Queensland has to offer so you can decide where to head this May!   Noosa Food And Wine Festival When: 16 – 20 May Where: Noosa Who Should Go: Foodies, Wine-lovers and fans of all things craft beer. What It’s About: Five days (yes, five) of top quality food, wine and beer, with live music and entertainment thrown in. Noosa Food & Wine Festival is an annual love […]


Corporate Catering for Special Dietary Needs

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Art of Catering

When booking corporate catering, it is crucial that you consider whether any of your colleagues or guests have special dietary requirements. Think about last time you ate out with them or any large group of people, and the chances are that at least one of them ordered something which should give you a clue – were they avoiding dairy, or did they ask for a gluten free option?   The chances are if you were paying attention you did notice something, as one in five Australians suffers from either a food intolerance or food allergy. Add to this is the range of voluntary diet options now popular, and it might seem like you have your […]


8 Ideas For Your Next Corporate Lunch

Monday, March 25th, 2019
corporate lunch on ceramic plates

If there’s one thing in this world that people have a tendency to remember, it’s food! Whether we’re discussing a holiday, a big meal out, and yes, even our corporate catering, it’s something that always seems to come up in conversation. So if you’re hosting a conference, welcoming clients for lunch or thanking your team for a job well done, you know already that the quality of the catering will make a big difference to the impression you make. You don’t just want it to be okay; you want the best gourmet catering Brisbane has. If you’re stuck for ideas, below you’ll find 8 great ideas for your corporate lunch. Corporate Lunch Catering The nature […]

order foods online

In the corporate world, the process of ordering office-catering needs to be time and cost-effective. Brisbane’s leading Professional Caterers provide quick, easy online ordering, delivering with just a minimum of 24hrs notice. Whether organizing for a Breakfast, Working Lunch, Boardroom Buffet or special event like the Melbourne Cup, you can order in catering from Brisbane’s leading corporate caterers can provide quick and efficient service, beginning with an easy-to-use, online order process. Order in Catering Online in Just a Few Simple Steps! The main objective of our online selection process is to make the purchase of your next delicious catered function or meal  a pleasant and time-efficient experience. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our scrumptious […]

Corporate Events

What Is A Corporate Event & Where Do I Start? Work related events can include a variety of different aspects of a business and starting to create or plan one is as easy as figuring out the type of event you’re interested in hosting. Knowing that there are various types of corporate functions is a major key to figuring out what you’ll do for yours. As someone who is planning one, you might be in charge of a lot depending on what you decide to do for yours, including but not limited to the following: Team Building or Leadership Retreats Meetings Product Launches Employee Training Trade Shows Seminars Focus Groups Sales Meetings Special Business Anniversary […]


Most Awarded Restaurants in Brisbane

Thursday, May 24th, 2018
Most Awarded Restaurant in Brisbane

Brisbane in recent years has been building its reputation in food culture. It has dedicated cafe bistros all the way up to award-winning restaurants with spectacular views of the city. While Melbourne and Sydney are more well known for their gastronomic delights, Brisbane has a fast-evolving food culture that caters for all styles of dining and tastes. We’ve taken you on a culinary blog tour including the Art of Catering team’s favourite cheap eats in Brisbane as well as the iconic Brisbane restaurants every visitor must dine at when in town. Our next stop is the award-winning menu masterpieces that you just have to try! There are many delicious dining experiences to be had throughout […]

Bird's Nest Yakitori & Bar

Whether you’re saving to buy a house, you’ve blown your entire savings, you’re on a student’s budget, or you just blew almost all of your money on the recent holiday trips, the bottom line is that you are broke. But this does not mean that you need to take out a loan to feed yourself. No! There are plenty of cheap eats in Brisbane, like Eat Street Markets, and we’ve rounded up some of the best for you. Affordable and Tasty Eats in Brisbane There are hotels offering big eats at $15 or less. Here are some of the cheap bites to check in: Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar Located in South Brisbane & Fortitude […]

Eat Street Market

For foodies like me, there are numerous reasons why Brisbane is the best place to be. You don’t struggle to find a place to fill your stomach if it’s grumbling. What’s even more interesting is how cheap food can be in this city. Have you ever been to Eat Street Markets in Brisbane? Well, if not then you have been missing a lot. Over the years, Eat Street Markets have become an icon in this city particularly due to the availability of cheap quality food. As a matter of fact, the market was relocated to a larger area near the Brisbane River so as to accommodate the huge number of people coming to enjoy this […]


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