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7 Mistakes You Might Make With Ceviche And How To Avoid Them

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Ceviche is the kind of dish that’ll give you a genuine summer experience. It’s a refreshing fish dish marinated in citrus juice. What makes this food so popular Australia is the fact that it doesn’t require cooking. Although it’s surprisingly easy to prepare, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid while making Ceviche.  These are mistakes you might make with ceviche and how to avoid them:

7 Ceviche Blunders You Should Avoid

  • Using the Wrong Fish

    CevicheNot every fish can be used to make a perfect ceviche and this where many get it wrong. The best species of fish to use for this dessert are the semi-firm white-fleshed deep sea fish such as sea bass, grouper, flounder, and striped bass amongst many others. Don’t make the mistake of going for oily fish such as sardines, tuna, or mackerel to name a few.

  • Not Using the Freshest Fish

    The sweetest fish are usually the freshest fish. The majority of people making ceviche don’t have tips like this, so they never taste this delicacy at its best. Although it’s hard to get such fish unless you’re close to the sea, do some research and find where they sell the freshest seafood. The trick is to find fish that iridescent and glossy in appearance, not opaque. Also, remember to keep the fish cold after getting home.

  • Forgetting to Remove the Bloodline

    The Art of Catering team says that this is another mistake that you should avoid while making ceviche. The bloodline appears as a dark red portion on the fillet. If left on the fish, the dessert will have a fishy flavour that may not go well with some people. Make sure that you remove the bloodline if you want to get the best dish out of the fish.

  • The Skin and Bones

    This should be taken seriously. Fish bones are dangerous if swallowed, potentially causing death. Even if the fishmonger has removed the bones for you, there’s no harm confirming for yourself before serving. Biting into some fish and finding skin or bones is not a pleasant experience.

  • Over-Marinating

    Marinated CevicheMarinated ceviche tastes great, but you have to do it right. Marinating fish for the ceviche should take between 10 and 20 minutes. This is enough for the fish to absorb the citrus juice and to turn an opaque colour. Make sure that you have not over-marinated the fish – it should not exceed 20 minutes.

  • Getting The Acid to Fish Ratio Wrong

    The amount of lemon or lime juice is crucial when properly balancing the acid to fish ratio. If you want the fish to be properly cured, and tender to eat, get the ratio right or otherwise you may be serving something a little less than desired.

  • Combining the Ingredients Too Early

    Unless you are ready to serve, keep the fish and the vegetables separate. This will not only prevent the dessert from going mushy, but keeps the different colours from bleeding together. The freshness of the dessert is also maintained.


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