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Top 5 iconic Australian foods To Try This Summer

Friday, October 13th, 2017

It’s a fact that Australia has no food shortage, evidenced by the number world-standard restaurants all over the country. The creativity within the hospitality industry is incredible, and the variety of food will definitely blow your mind. But with all the innovation in the food industry, there are a few recipes that have been labelled “classics” due to their success in the market. Although some of the foods are not originally Australian, they have been adopted as part of the Australia food culture. Here is a list of Aussie ‘classic foods’ or ‘iconic food’ that you should not miss this summer:

Classic Australian Summer Foods

  • Pavlova

    PavlovaThis is a great summer dessert inspired by the Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova during her 1926-1929 Australian tour. It’s a special dessert, originally prepared by Herbert Sachse, the chef who worked at Perth’s Hotel Esplanade. Pavlova comes with a meringues base with a soft centre and is classically topped with fresh fruit and tangy passion fruit pulp. It’s this great combination that has helped the old ‘pav’ remain popular to date. Pavlova also allows for the addition of other fruits such as berries, peppermint crisps and kiwifruits amongst other fruits. This is a classic Aussie dessert that you should try this summer.

  • Chico Roll

    First appearing in the market back in 1951, Chico Rolls have become a popular part of Aussie food culture. It’s simple design has kept Chico Rolls highly competitive in the market. Chico rolls were invented by Frank McEnroe as a takeaway food at football matches. The idea behind its making was to have a snack that could be held by one hand while the other hand could be holding a drink. Over the years, the rolls have been improved to enhance their nutritional value and are indeed one of the healthiest snacks to eat.

  • Vegemite

    Vegemite SpreadThis is one of the oldest foods in Australia. Developed in early 1920’s by Fred Walker, an Aussie businessman, you will find vegemite used almost every household as a breakfast and sandwich spread. The spread was designed from used brewer’s yeast by a young chemist, Cyril Callister, and it is naturally rich in Vitamin B. Over the years, numerous combinations have hit the market including Vegemite and avocado on toast, Vegemite scrolls and Vegemite pizza amongst other combinations.

  • Tim Tams

    Tim Tam’s simple and luxurious features are just some of the many things the Australians love about them. These are basically comprised of two chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate cream, and coated in a shiny, creamy chocolate. Introduced into the market in the early 1960s, they have remained relevant over the decades and don’t seem to be exiting the market any time soon.

  • Bowen Mangoes

    If you have never tasted Bowen Mangoes, then you’ve been missing out on an ultimate summer experience. These are the perfect dessert for the summer. We at Art of Catering think that this is the type of food that evokes visions of summer such as sunny beach days and the wonders of Aussie’s classics.

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